The girls absolutely love their necklaces. Julia runs around with the purple one most of the time. The girls keep putting them on and wearing them at every opportunity. They told me to tell you that they were completely surprised and they absolutely love them. They really were very excited. We opened most of our gifts Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning I let them open them before they got ready. Then they wore the white one to the concert and church. Plus every where since that they can get away with.
They really are beautiful, especially for kids jewelry. All I've seen is junk. These are the first that really look nice.  Rachel R.
I wore your necklace to...a great big dinner and dance.  At least 5 people came up to me asking me, "Where did you get that beautiful necklace!" Your jewelry is eye catching.  Pamela
I just got home from work and tried everything on.....magnificent!  I just bought the perfect outfit last week that will show off your creations.... Can't wait to order more...I'll be touch when I get back.  ...  Thanks so much, I'll look great in Martha's Vineyard.  Amy

I just wanted to let you know that I received the necklace yesterday. It is beautiful!  Kari

Just wanted you to know that Jacqueline is absolutely beautiful! Much better than I had even imagined. Does anyone ever wear beaded bracelets? I thought that design would also look stunning as a bracelet.  Thank you so much!  I'm already planning the next one I'm going to order from you!  Rachel

Welcome to Gisele Zeitler Studios, where every piece of jewelry is handmade by the artist. The Faux Stone and Art Clay beads are designed and shaped by hand, then fired in the studio. You will see the imperfections that are the hallmark of the fine, handcrafted arts. The glass bead necklaces feature imported glass and crystal beads, and which are carefully selected for each necklace to become a one-of-a-kind creation.  On the Natural Stone page you will find necklaces of genuine amethyst, freshwater pearls, jade, citrine, adventurine, carnelian, lapis lazuli, and other semi-precious gemstones.

The necklaces and jewelry sets you will find in these pages will enhance your business wardrobe as well as your jeans and tank tops.  They can be worn to dress up an outfit, or simply to have fun.  Each piece is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, and will never be duplicated unless specifically requested.  By purchasing these beaded necklaces directly from the artist, you will receive a piece of original art for the price of a mass-produced mall store item.  You, alone, will own this piece of jewelry.

How to Use This Site

Please note: there are two methods for viewing the jewelry pieces shown in the galleries.  By clicking on the thumbnail picture, a small window will open which shows a larger picture of the entire necklace. Below each thumbnail is a close-up link which shows an enlarged DETAIL of the necklace, to give you a better view of the beads.

On the Information page you will find how we measure and other important details.  If you plan to purchase, please visit that page first.

I hope you will also visit  Christmas Elf Ornaments on the site.  They were the reason I am making jewelry now.  I was inspired me to begin making beaded necklaces after learning to make tiny bits of jewelry for them.  I think they are very unique - sculpted faerie elves with long, dangely legs and funny painted stockings, hair, clothing, and jewelry all made by hand. I call them my " Multi-Cultural Irish Faerie Christmas Elf Ornaments ."

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